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Posted on December 05, 2014 by DONNA WEATHERS | 0 comments

Welcome to my new blog. I've completely rebranded myself and wanted to start fresh and have my blog in the same location as my website, so Welcome! Both Shopify and Fine Art Studio Online (FASO) allow you to have your blog within your website. The reasons I am switching from FASO to Shopify are (a) I prefer their templates, and (b) I want to integrate my blog/website and be able to sell directly from within Facebook. 

I have been wanting to migrate to abstract and semi-abstract paintings (figures, animals, architecture, and travel-related paintings) for some time now, so a new year, a new host and a new focus start here.

My latest painting is Retro Nude.  I call her Retro Nude because my son said the colors reminded him of the 80s!  

Acrylic on Board

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