Commission fee.

Currently, my commission fee is 20% higher than my regular prices. The reason for this is that it simply takes so much more time to paint a custom order.

Commission process.

 You contact me asking for a commission. Yay!

  1. You give me the dimensions you want your brand new painting.
  2. You give me the color scheme. (NOTE: sometimes the color scheme can be a swatch of wallpaper, your favorite rug, your favorite pillow, a paint chip, etc.)
  3. I give you the price.
  4. You give me a deposit.
  5. I start painting.
  6. I send you W.I.P. photos.
  7. You approve
  8. You pay the balance.
  9. I send you your fabulous painting.
  10. You receive your fabulous painting.
  11. You and I are the happiest people on the planet.

Calculating the price.

Like many artists, I use a simple formula for paintings larger than 11x14. Length plus width in inches multiplied times 20 (L+W x 20). A commissioned painting will be that formula + 20%.  For example, a 36x36 painting bought directly from my store would cost $1,440. A commissioned 36x36 calculates to $1,728, but I would likely round it down to $1,700.

Other Things to Consider.

If you want a custom canvas/board size that isn’t a standard size in stock, please add $100 as these have to be made-to-order. If you are uncertain as to whether something is standard size, please e-mail me.


Frequently there are revisions back and forth between you and me. I want you to be DELIGHTED for what you want, so sometimes I have to go back several times to make changes. I will e-mail you work-in-progress photos to make sure I am on track.

Cancellation Policy.

This has not happened before, but I expect it will at some point in the future. I will offer a refund minus 25% cost of the painting. If I am able to re-sell your painting, I will refund you the 25%.

Turn Around Time.

Approximately two weeks.

If I have left anything out, please e-mail me at!